Honeymoon Tours in nepal

At present there’s almost competition among married couples on who visited the most beautiful and unique corner of the world. So, if you’re searching a location for a honeymoon Tours in Nepal, Trexmount Ventures will finds the wonderful places in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan or in Sikkim/Darjeeling according by your interest & time frame. We will put all the efforts to make your honeymoon trip meaningful and Special. Nepal is, no doubt one of the perfect destinations for honeymoon Pacakage since it offers you the places to observe beautiful mountains, amazing lakes, breathtaking valleys and blooming forest. This stunning land and its natural exquisiteness captivate every couple who visits Nepal for their honeymoon. And not just limited with natural beauty, you can locate in large number of wildlife and majestic forests, hillsides having terrace farming, attractive rivers and waterfalls.

This enlivening Himalayan country including Tibet, Bhutan will entice your senses in every way. Honeymooners will not just explore the natural wonders in Nepal but you will soar on serene river raft through chaste forest, ride on elephant’s back in blossoming jungle and trek in the foothills of the towering mountains. Besides, we find the stunning and calm places from where we enjoy the breathtaking sight of nature like sunrise and sunset, mesmerizing lakes, snow-capped mountain and more. The honeymoon tour here will offer sightseeing in major places, hill side romantic accommodation, boating in lake and excellent experience of wild life activities. beside this, We do have great places & tours to plan for honeymoon, please write to us for the informations into our email;  info@nepaliholidayinfo.com , we will design your special holiday with your interest & time frame.