Kailash Manasarover Tour

Trexmount Ventures welcomes you to join in our remarkable and fascinating pilgrimage journey to Kailash Manasarover Tour, where you can experience a journey of a life time, with views of Mt. Shispangma, Langtang, Dorji Lakpa and Gaurshanker with Gurla Mandatta on the world’s highest and largest plateau in Tibet.

Mt. Kailash stands at 6,714 m /22,028 ft above the great Tibetan plateau, wholly within Tibet. It is an amazing mountain of outmost beauty, with four great cardinal faces, the east believed to be crystal, the west ruby, south sapphire and north as gold.

It is the spiritual hub for four great religions: Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism, the Jain religion and the pre-Buddhist animistic religion-Bonpa.

Kailash Manasarover tour with Trexmount Ventures starts with an interesting drive towards east of Kathmandu on the Lhasa / Kathmandu highway leading towards the frontier town of Zhangmu in Tibet / China side, from here to Nylam town, where the barren, windswept world’s highest and largest plateau starts and ends.

Mt. Kailash & Lake Manasarover journey continues on the main Lhasa / Kathmandu or Friendship highway for some time, and then on the off route heading to the remote and wildest area of Tibet South West terrain over several high passes of over 5,050 meters Laylung -la, and other smaller at above 4,800 m to reach the first town of Shegar after Nylam, drive follows the Brahmaputra (Yarlung Tsangpo) river, which is fed from the glacier of holy Mt. Kailash from here an interesting drive in the wildest part of Tibetan landscapes to reach at sacred lake Manasarover, a huge salt lake here regarded as holy both by Buddhist, and Hindus.

After a day rest to observe necessary pray and puja, drive leads on the Barka plain to reach at starting point of great circuit, parikrama or kora in Tibetan around holy and mystical Mt. Kailash, starting from holy spot of Tarboche west of Kailash after the main town of Darchen.

Walk leads past Dhirapuk to reach the highest point of this parikrama, circuit and kora at Droma-la pass at 5, 470 m /17,946ft high and a sacred spot, festooned with thousand of prayer flags and small shrines with stunning North Face views of Mt. Kailash.

After a wonderful time heading downhill to Zutulphuk a holy small place, with meditation cave of 11th centaury guru and saint Milereppa, from here heading towards Darchen town following the Karnali River.

Return journey on the same way, but this time at ease on completing our goals and highlights heading back to Kathmandu through Nylam and Zhangmu after a great and memorable adventure to Mt. Kailash & Lake Manasarover.


Day 01: Arrival at Kathmandu and transfer to hotel.
Day 02: In Kathmandu tour at places of interest and obtaining permits / Tibet visa.
Day 03: Drive to Nylam town (3, 630 m-11,909 ft) via Kodari / Zhangmu.
Day 04: In Nylam rest for acclimatization.
Day 05: Drive to Saga (4,400 m-14,435 ft) – 05 hrs.
Day 06: Drive to Paryang (4,535 m-14,879 ft) – 05 hrs.
Day 07: Drive to east Manasarover (4,550 m-14,928 ft)- 06 hrs
Day 08: At Manasarover for acclimatization and rest day.
Day 09: Drive to Tarboche near Darchen (4,600 m-15,092 ft) walk to Dhiraphuk (4,900 m-16,076 ft) – 05 hrs.
Day 10: Trek to Zutul-Puk (4,760 m-15,617 ft) via Dorma-la (5, 470 m-17,946 ft).
Day 11:  Trek near Darchen and drive near Mayum-la – 04 hrs.
Day 12: Drive back to Saga (4,400 m-14,436 ft) – 06 hrs.
Day 13: Drive to Zhangmu (1,745 m-5,725 ft) and transfer to hotel – 06 hrs.
Day 14: Drive back to Kathmandu and transfer to hotel – 06 hrs.
Day 15: International departure for homeward bound.

Itinerary Detail

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu and transfer to hotel.
Our representative will come to the airport for transfer to the Hotel. After some refreshment in the hotel, Our Tour leader will make pre departure meeting in the Hotel or at our office. The meeting will cover trip related information & the collecting your Documents (passport copy, 2 passport size photos, Travel insurance).

Day 02: In Kathmandu with cultural tour at places of interest.
Morning after breakfast as time set for the sightseeing tour, our city guide will lead you for few hours in our fascinating heritage and cultural tour around places of interest, tour of holy Pashupatinath temple, Bouddhanath (Little Tibet), Swayambhunath (Monkey Temple) & monasteries, old historical Palaces, courtyard; and then back to hotel after the wonderful tour, afternoon free for individual activities and preparation for journey to Mt. Kailash, Tibet.

Day 03: Drive to Nylam (3,630 m-11,909 ft) after Zhangmu (1,745 m-5,725 ft) -07 hrs (153 Kms). 
Early morning heading towards Kodari on the Kathmandu / Lhasa Friendship highway, after necessary visa formalities at Nepal border in Kodari and across the Friendship Bridge into Tibet a Zhangmu, where our Tibetan guide from our counter agent in Tibet will receive with necessary papers for the entry into Tibet soil. From here another 2 hours drive leading in a gorge following the Bhote Kosi River upstream through beautiful woodlands and waterfalls, and then climb up on the winding road to Nylam town for overnight and first night in Tibet. Overnight in a guesthouse or lodge and having meals across the road restaurant where there are Chinese, Nepali and Tibetan foods can be found.

Day 04: Rest day at Nylam for acclimatization and short hike.
After a long drive and hectic time through immigration on both side of the border, today at leisure and necessary spare and rest day for acclimatization in Nylam, where the tree lines disappears from here onwards. Nylam is the start and end point of Tibetan plateau, which is world’s highest and largest windswept and arid plateau. In Nylam there are few places where one can take a short walk the best is visit the Milereppa cave and its monastery just an hour walk on route Laylung pass, Milereppa a11th Centaury saint known for his good preaching, poet, folk songs and miracles performance.

Day 05: Drive to Saga (4,400 m-14,436 ft) 06 hrs.
Starting the morning with Chinese time (Beijing Standard Time) 2 hours 15 minutes ahead from Nepal standard time, after having breakfast leaving Nylam towards our destination to Mt. Kailash, drive soon leads to cross a high pass of Lalung-La at 5,050m with stunning views of Shisha Pangma (8,013m), Mt. Gaurishanker (7,134m) Mt. Langtang (7,234m) along with array of snow capped peak range which straddles Tibet / Nepal borders, after catching a mind blowing scenery, drive continues downhill on the wide windswept Tibetan plateau close to Shisa Pangma base camp, on the wild side of Tibetan landscapes, passing few farm villages with Yaks and sheep grazing over the fields, reaching a small place near Paigu Tsho lake from here crossing few smaller passes reaching at Brahmaputra River which flows from glacier of Mt. Kailash. Before had to take a ferry with vehicles to cross this big river, since last ten years a bridge is built making the ride shorter to reach Saga town where the road from Lhasa joins also. A sleepy town, with number of guesthouse, hotels, shops and stores including night clubs, overnight in Saga hotels or Guest Houses.

Day 06: Drive to Paryang (14435 m-47,359 ft) – 06 hrs.
From Saga, another day of scenic drive on the vast windswept terrain as the ride on four wheels continues, leading uphill and downhill reaching quaint and deserted village at Dromba with few houses and lodge, restaurants after a stop here, drive continues on the wide plain with views of snow capped peaks towards south around western Nepal side, soon after few hours of drive in the afternoon reaching at Paryang a small windswept village, due to harsh climate people are indoors most of the day. Here in Paryang in simple and basic lodge for overnight stop and relax in this high and dry altitude.

Day 07: Drive to Horpa east Mansarovar (4,550 m-14,928 ft)  -06 hrs.
Today onwards journey leads closer to our main destination, as the morning starts into more arid, barren terrain, but somehow beautiful in this remote isolated country, drive leads through few nomads camps and villages and then climb towards Mayum-la pass at 5,150 m, around this area chances of seeing some wild life the most common are gazelle, deer’s and herd of Kang (wild ass), from here view of Mayum Tsho (lake) as the drive leads downhill driving past near Mayum Tsho to reach at Horpa, a small place but slowly flourishing into larger town, from here leaving the town behind with a short drive towards eastern side of Lake Mansarovar, an enormous lake with changing colors of light on its deep blue waters, regarded as one of the holiest lake among Hindu’s and Buddhist.
Here at Mansarovar in tents for overnights with camping facilities of separate kitchen department of cook, kitchen helpers, camping staff, and guides including our Tibetan guide (job as interpreter / liaison officer)  

Day 08: Acclimatization and Rest Day at Manasarover.
A rest day in this beautiful spot with grassy field for camping overlooking the vast deep blue lake, which is almost the size of Delhi and twice large than Kathmandu valley almost 70 k.m. from east to west and about 30 -40 k.m. wide with several smaller Gompa (monastery) around the four side of the lake. Pilgrims takes nearly 4 days to cover the circuit around this huge lake, on drive 3-4 hours. From this camp view of Mt. Kailash 6,714 m and of Gurla Mandhata Range 7,694 m. As Mansarovar floats beneath the shadow of holy Kailash formed in the mind of God (Brahma creator) hence the word ‘Manas’.  In any language, this is a holiest and most famous lake in Asia and probably around the world.

Day 09: Drive to Tarboche via Darchen (4,600 m-15,092 ft)  and begin walk to
Dhiraphuk (4,900 m-16,076 ft) – 05 hrs.

After a pleasant time in Lake Mansarovar, today the start towards our main destination to walk around the holy Mt. Kailash, morning dive leads over the great Barkha plain for two hours near to Darchen town, with full of Guest Houses and Hotels, a popular pilgrims place as this is the start and ending point of 52 k.m distance of holy circuit, parikrama / kora (circumambulation). Drive finally ends west of Darchen town at a small spot called Tarboche regarded as holy place, with a huge Buddhist flags where the poles coveed with yak skins, this flag is changed every year during Lord Buddha birth anniversary which falls in the month of April / May as per Buddhist Luna calendar, this festival is called Saga Dawa. Starting our first day walk across a scree slopes and crossing small streams and meadow, before Damding Donkhang with great view of Mt. Kailash West Face, soon after 5 hours of tiring and good walk reaching at Diraphuk for overnight, this place located North Face of Kailash with an old Gompa and few lodge and stores.

Day 10: Trek to Zutul-Puk. (4,760 m-15,617 ft)- approx 6 hour walk.
Today, walk leads to highest point at Droma-la pass 5, 470m -18,525 ft, the highest point of this awesome journey, as the morning starts on a level path for short while and then after crossing small wooden bridge, then climbing high, where the trail to inner branches off as our walk leads higher following the path with scattered items of old worn clothes, bangles and etc offering made by the Tibetans pilgrims, finally after a hard struggle uphill with few rest in between reaching at Dromo-la highest top of this circuit and kora, on the top a big boulder represents Dolma or Dromo goddess (Tara) the pass festooned with thousand of Buddhist prayer flags, after a physical and spiritual high point of walk where this holy kora completes after heading downhill just near Sarswati kund (a small frozen icy pond) regarded holy for Hindus. Walk finally descends on the vast grassy plain where you see lots of moles around this area hiding in mud holes, from here on the gradual winding path all the way to Zutul-Puk Gompa, Zuthul meaning cave (Tibetan).
with few lodge and guest houses and stores, close by lies 11th Century saint, poet and tantric guru Milarepa stayed here meditating, where you can see his footprint on the roof of the overhanging cave, overnight in tents or inside the lodge with meals served by our camping crews.

 Day 11: Trek to Darchen and drive to near Maiyum la – 4 hrs / 2 hrs drive.
After a hard day walk of previous day, completing this excellent journey towards the starting point of this circuit / parikrama or kora in Darchen, as the trek leads on the easy trail following Karnali River which flows all the way to far western Nepal onto India. Just near Darchen town located sout of Mt. Kailash, where some Indian pilgrims mostly Jain religion visits Astapada, a small icy rock next to Mt. Kailash, represents a Nandi bull for Hindus and Tarmo an offering for the Buddhist pilgrims, for Tibetans and Buddhist Mt. Kailash is known as Great Khang Ringpoche and abode of the guru, where’s Lord Shiva for the Hindus. From here driving towards Mayum-la pass to camp on the suitable grassy field after few hours of ride.

Day 12: Drive back to Saga (4,400 m-14,436 ft) – 06 hrs.  After a great journey over holy Mt. Kailash and visit of sacred Lake Manasarover, packing the camping gear drive continues heading back to Saga on the great vast arid plain of Tibetan plateau with few high passes to cross till Saga is reached for overnight stop in local hotels / guest houses after driving through Paryang.

Day 13: Drive back to Zhangmu (1,745 m-5,725 ft) – 6 hrs.
Goodbye to vast Tibetan plateau, as the drive today leads back into greenery into forested area, after Laylung -la pass and Nylam town, heading downhill following Lhasa / Kathmandu highway all the way reaching frontier town in Zhangmu, after going through the gorge with lovely alpine forested area and beautiful waterfalls. Zhangmu town, Nepali calls Khasa and in Tibetan Dramu, this town busy with Chinese, Tibetans and Nepali merchants and traders full of shops and restaurants, including bars, night club and discotheque.

Day 14: Drive back to Kathmandu and transfer to hotel.
After a great time in Tibet, morning after going through immigration and heading towards Friendship and farewell to our Tibetan guide and drivers, at Kodari in Nepal check into immigration and then a scenic drive all the way back to hustle bustle city life of Kathmandu.

Day 15: International departure for home ward bound.
Today your last day in Nepal with great memories of Mt. Kailash, Tibet and Nepal after an amazing experience, transfer to Tribhuvan International airport for final departure towards homeward bound or to next port of call.

Includes and Excludes

Equipments and Packing

EQUIPMENT: Since you are traveling here and there and through the country side, consider carrying warm, lightweight, hand-washable and quick-drying clothes.

Trekking Boots (One Pair), Light Soaks (3 Pairs), Thick Socks (4 pairs), Camp Shoes (1 pair), and Sandals (1 pair).

Warm Cotton Trousers (2 pairs), Fleece Jacket or Pullover (1), Down or Fiber Filled Waterproof Jacket and Trousers (1), Shirts and T-Shirts (4 pieces), Long Under Wear (2 pieces), Lightweight Cotton Long Pants, Short Under Wear (4 pieces), Sunglasses (1), Sun Hat or Scarf (1) and Woolen Hat (1), Lightweight Gloves (1), Heavyweight Gloves or Mittens With a Waterproof (1), Rain Coat (1).

Daypack (1), Down Jacket (1), Sleeping Bag (4 seasons-1), Water Bottle (1), Sunglasses, Flashlight with Spare Bulbs, Sun Cream, Batteriesm Gaiters, Lip Salve.

Toilet Articles, Insect Repellent, Notebook and Pen, Laundry Soap, Toilet Roll, Pocket Knife, Binoculars, Sewing Kit, Soap, Camera, GPS, Cards and Personal Medical Kit and items of your personal interest.

If you are wearing glasses, it is advisable to bring a spare pair. If you wear contact lenses you may find that climatic changes and dust can create visual irritation, therefore, it is advisable to bring a pair of glasses.

For Water Purification: You should not drink the water from the tap in Nepal because of bacteria. You can either use water purification or buy the bottle of water. Now a days, some people are bringing their own water filter which is very impressive & useful.
Bottled mineral water and boiled water are available for purchase throughout Trekking.  However, water purification tablets or your own filter can be useful with your interest.

  • Steripen
  • Water filter
  • Iodine or chlorine dioxide purification tablets

Checklist for Documents:
The Following documents listed below are a must and should be with you at all times.

  • Valid Passport
  • Medical Insurance card(s)
  • Address book | Our Company contact details (for any emergency)
  • Flight tickets (e-tickets).
  • Passport size photos ( At least 4)

Note: We do recommend you to make copies of passport, visas, permits, airline tickets/schedule and so on. Leave a copy with someone at home and put a copy in a separate place in your luggage.


Trip Map

Trip Fact

 Trip accommodation:            Hotels & Lodge or camping on route overland.
Trek grade:                              Moderate & adventurous high altitude
In Tibet:                                   11 / 12 days.
Highest altitude:                    5, 470 m /18,525 ft at Droma-la pass.
Trip Mode:                              Overland drive both ways.
Total Trip:                               14 / 15 days
Seasons:                                  April to October.

Trip Highlights

“full of thrills and excitement throughout this trip, from traditional villages, green and arid hills, pristine forest to amazing barren windswept landscapes and high mountains, traveling on world’s largest and highest plateau, visiting traditional Tibetan villages, cities, monasteries enrich with old culture, customs and trek (kora) around holy Mt. Kailash with visit of sacred Lake Manasarover are the main attraction and highlights of this exciting adventure to Mt. Kailash & Lake Manasarover”

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