Sports and Holidays

Trexmount Ventures has intended to put Sports and Holiday together to include the verities of adventure more exciting. There are many sports activities in Nepal with Golfing, White water Rafting, Bungee jumping, mountain flight, Motor Biking, Mountain biking and paragliding where is considered as popular sports activity.

Trexmount Ventures has many options with delightful itineraries with your interest and time frame to enjoy exhilarating sports & touring adventurous. You will have a real flavor of adventure as following on the footprints of great mountaineers and adventurers while you experience the effect of snow-capped peaks, deep green hills and spectacular mountain trails.

  • Kathmandu Biking Tour

    Kathmandu Biking Tour

    Throughout this biking trip riding into traditional villages, green hills, forest, landscapes and mountains, in the country of
  • Tibet Cycling Tour

    Tibet Cycling Tour

    You will be captivated seeing the view of the great North face of Mount Everest, the most spectacular