Volunteer tours to Nepal with Trexmount Ventures assist international volunteers to perceive the true beauty and exceptional environment. Also, it will boost the relationship between Nepalese people and volunteers who seek for life-changing experience far away from home. Nepal is the right place to find wonderful volunteer opportunities and immerse in the Nepalese culture. Also, along with sharing the daily life activities and working together with local people while living in the homes of Nepalese, you will be trekking through the rain forest with the views of the snow capped mountains.

While volunteering, you achieve an exclusive insight into a foreign culture as well as make a constructive involvement. Volunteer tour is the significant tour in which you can help the deprived and vulnerable people. In addition, you will help the local group of people through different missions run by the local association to expand their durable progress. It is the prospect to get improved traditional engagement by working together with locals.

So, if you want to discern incredibly appealing, innovative and are enthusiastic to contribute and volunteer for the society, volunteer tour to Nepal will be the right choice.

The tour not only let you share your idea but also offers an opportunity to learn local Nepali language, culture and typical ethical festival. Besides, the tour programs will let you teach at a school, assist at an orphanage, improve community health, bring environmental awareness, work at a homeless shelter, village planting and harvesting, cultural exchange, know legends, and myths in village life and so forth.

Volunteering in historical and cultural city of Kathmandu will put forward a chance to visit the different heritage site of the valley. You can visit the UNESCO enlisted site like Boudhanath and Swayambhunath- the oldest Buddhist Stupa, oldest Hindu Temple- Pashupatinath, Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur Durbar square.

 Also, you are liberated to schedule your tour during special and exciting festivals so that you could provide service to the people on the one hand and take full delight on the other. This will make your tour more memorable one.