Scenic Spot & Hill Station

  • Darjeeling Sikkim Hill tour

    Darjeeling Sikkim Hill tour

    Trexmount Ventures welcomes you to join in our remarkable and fascinating exotic Tour of Darjeeling & Sikkim Hill
  • Short and Suit Tour

    Short and Suit Tour

    Trexmount Ventures Tour from Dawn till Dusk an interesting day tour starting from early morning for the scenic
  • Kathmandu Rim Tour

    Kathmandu Rim Tour

    Trexmount Ventures, welcomes you in a wonderful sightseeing tour around world heritage sites of Kathmandu valley which includes
  • Kathmandu Biking Tour

    Kathmandu Biking Tour

    Throughout this biking trip riding into traditional villages, green hills, forest, landscapes and mountains, in the country of